#MotherWorks event

“From the minute I saw the #MotherWorks images I thought it was brilliant. What a wonderful idea. The news about the exhibition is travelling globally and the feedback internally has been superb. Everybody loves it. Looking forward to working with you again.” Emily Fairhead-Keen
Group Strategy Director
 at Wavemaker

The #MotherWorks event is a creative conversation built around an exhibition, a panel discussion and social event.  #MotherWorks supports the internal initiatives of organisations that are looking to drive equality and hero women in the workplace. 

#MotherWorks fosters discussion and challenges perceptions in a way that engages employees.  It kick-starts or compliments an organisations gender equality initiatives. #MotherWorks fast-tracks internal workplace initiatives, builds on external momentum and creates positive headlines.

A panel discussion is a focussed way to exchange ideas and elicit discussion with experienced, engaging panellists. A chance for senior management to connect and inspire. We have access to a range of panel speakers from the exhibition and beyond.

The images create a stunning visual focal point for a unique art event, a private view. Invite clients and stakeholders to take part in the celebration. Build internal networks. Encourage people to learn more about each other and connect.

Organisations and businesses who host the #MotherWorks exhibition have the opportunity for the art work to remain in situ for a period of time, as a lasting reminder of the event and a continued expression of celebration and inclusion that connects with everyone. The event also creates unique content that can be used on social media and in the press.

@womenatwavemaker guest.png
Relevant and resonant images and stories help build an inclusive workplace culture.
— Dr Zoe Young, Author of Womens Work