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Fiona Freund

Co-FOUNDER - creative director - photographer

Fiona has photographed an incredible range of people in some amazing places. She is known for mastering the dreaded 'group shot'. Clients love her stylish, vibrant, energetic, and sometimes irreverent images.  Her photo shoots are legendary.  As she says “I love a game bird and encourage spontaneity on shoots, which often result in the best images." She has regularly contributed to Vogue.  Other clients include: Arts Council England, Cancer Research, Elle, EMI, ES Magazine, Guardian Weekend, Harpers’ Bazar, Marie Claire, Marie Curie, Nivea, Plan International, Telegraph magazine, and many more.

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Maggie Aoussou


Maggie ensures the right systems and strategy are in place to achieve your goals.  Planning inbound marketing leaves some people cold - not Maggie.  Lead generation, content creation and social media strategy is her thing. She also enjoys making words up.  “I describe what MoI offer as vizzardry (visual wizardry)“.  She has worked with Camelot, ITV, Mercure Hotels, Royal Parks, British Guild of Tourist Guides, BritRail and Virgin.

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