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We are a female-led creative collective. We work with innovative entrepreneurs, brands and organisations who value progress, creativity and gender equality. We are passionate about connecting with women and telling their stories.

why moi?

Businesses benefit when they think like a woman. We place a high value on empathy, flexibility, trust, generosity and fairness.

are you?

A brave and passionate business or agency who want women to feel included?

shared vision

Working together we will help you connect with women to increase engagement and productivity

and yes

It is true, if you want to get shit done, ask a busy woman.


Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes!

Skillful art direction by Fiona was required to capture this iconic image for the ‘Bottom Monologues’ story for Marie Claire UK.

If you want something done, ask a busy woman



Our story

We are an all-women creative collective.  Inspired by Sarah Olney, MP International Women's Day speech about celebrating the everyday achievements of mums, #MotherWorks was created.  

#MotherWorks has developed into a unique, engaging event used by organisations across the UK to support workplace gender equality initiatives.

We work with clients who want to talk to and connect with women in an inclusive way

We love working with women and bringing them together to support, discuss and develop ideas.  We have a monthly social in Brixton, S London.  Join our  mailing list below to keep up to date.


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