Are you happy with your profile photo? Like your 'mugshot' on the corporate website? Chances are you're probably thinking "it'll do. Who really looks anyway?"

If you're a freelancer, you may get lots of contracts virtually so you need to network and meet people online. Your headshot has to convey a lot about you and will probably be displayed next to your competitors, so you have to make sure yours stands out.

People say a handshake tells you a lot about someone, well these days its more likely your headshot. Make sure you are proud of yours.

Market Yourself

Engaging, honest headshots are an important part of showing why prospective clients should hire you.

Many companies now like to have bio's of their employees on the corporate website, so a great headshot is imperative.

Are you a speaker?

If you regularly speak at events or workshops then you need a great headshot for event planners to put into programmes. A professional image showcases your confidence and expertise.

We would be interested to know if a headshot has helped you in business in any way.