We are Mothers of Invention, a strategic marketing and content hub for brands
and organisations that want to communicate with women more efficiently.
To inspire, excite and engage women.


Our Mission

There is a huge missed opportunity for brands to communicate with women, especially mothers. It’s clear that mothers believe and rely on each other over what they hear from brands. Brands can take part in this conversation if they add something useful and interesting to it. While traditional advertising will always have a place in communication, it shouldn’t be the starting point. Brands need to have a shared passion with their audience, need to be able to engage audiences on an ongoing basis by being relevant and useful. 85% of purchasing decisions are made by Women yet 91% of Women believe that Advertisers don't understand them.

Brands need to focus on using insight into mothers to really understand how they can be useful to audiences through their marketing. Mothers are all looking for ways to make their lives easier. Advice, opportunities, help, sharing and creating connections to address common problems are all areas that brands can add value to mothers lives in real tangible ways. Only focussing on demonstrating empathy and aspiration in marketing wastes a valuable opportunity to create real, long lasting connection with Mothers.

If you want something done, ask a busy woman
— Mothers of Invention

What We've Achieved

We are a new, all woman creative and business agency. Between us we have years of experience and an impressive client list.

We are full of enthusiasm and cutting edge ideas and can change the way your business presents itself to really make some noise and drive new business to
your door.

We have done extensive research on what women feel about how they are marketed to and communicated with and we know what they want to see and will respond to. 

We work well with other women because we understand the different work/life balance pressures they have.